Shore-wood Product packaging and Shoplogix Uncover Lean Production Technology

Based on Cutler’s post, At the actual Shorewood Product packaging Midland Method facility within Toronto, real-time info helps deliver world-class slim manufacturing outcomes. Shorewood Product packaging is a part of International Document, which offers operations in a lot more than 40 nations and offers its items in a lot more than 120 countries. Shorewood Product packaging has 3 plants within Ontario, North america, and is among the world’s top manufacturers associated with premium product packaging.

The organization could determine machines which were ahead or even behind within productivity via key overall performance measurements, but these types of numbers weren’t highly relevant to machine providers. Management needed to locate a way to supply relevant info to operators and provide them a chance to set effectiveness goals on the per-job foundation.

In an effort to improve efficiency, Shorewood Product packaging first looked for any device to recognize machine standing via gentle emitting gadget (BROUGHT) show marquees attached to their gear. They put in place four check devices to determine if slim manufacturing results will be possible. The organization implemented the software answer by Shoplogix, with that the employees grew to become engaged. This answer offered real-time price and work variances about the LED show boards to assist operators as well as management imagine and graphically realize where these were versus exactly where they must be in the actual production procedure. Shorewood examined other solutions depending on these requirements and evaluated typical server-based data-collection techniques. The Shoplogix software program enabled an immediate connection in order to existing manufacturing equipment as well as allowed the organization to catch real-time machine-productivity info, quantifying enhanced performance as well as contributing straight to the main point here.


Shoplogix evolves integrated web-based software program solutions which optimize grow floor procedures. Shoplogix options improve efficiency, efficiency, and complete operational overall performance by permitting companies to create real-time choices that effect profitability whilst actively interesting employees along the way.

Shoplogix Inc. is really a privately kept company based in Oakville, Ontario, with workplaces across The united states. The organization serves an increasing base associated with Global 2000 companies to create new requirements for manufacturing performance as well as efficiency within industrial conditions.


Plantnode is really a hybrid web-based software program designed with an open system to incorporate with current production gear, analyze real-time overall performance, and assess machine efficiency. Plantnode’s built-in cleverness goes past raw information collection to supply a completely integrated manufacturing and overall performance management software; differentiated by a chance to compare real-time information against prepared estimates. Plantnode is which may increase General Equipment Usefulness (OEE) as well as enables device level visibility on the 24×7 foundation with automated escalations as well as interactive processes they are driving higher amounts of operational effectiveness, quality, as well as performance.


Plantnode Network is definitely an enterprise web-based software program that consolidates as well as analyzes functional data for those Plantnode allowed equipment providing an entire and precise view associated with production overall performance. Plantnode Network’s dispersed design offers true business scalability to judge real-time performance on the plant-wide, multi-site, or even global foundation.