5 Sites with online tools inside to have fun

The Internet is so much fun. It not only allows us to chat with friends, know the best blogs and read them out, watch latest movies and videos and connect with our friends through social media, but it let us enjoy on another level too. If you want to enjoy your time, then there are many online tools websites for fun which you can use and make most out of your time. That is why if you are looking for online tools for fin, we have a complete guide for you.

Usually, we play games and use social media, but there are many online tools which allow you to have fun and learn at the same time. These tools are quite useful in relaxing your mind and make yourself more creative while you can use various techniques to play and create something extraordinary.

1.    iRuler:

Much time we would like to measure anything such as our mobile, card or any physical element but we are unable to do it because we don’t have any ruler within reach. That is why rather than finding an actual one; you can always measure the length with help of online ruler available at It allows you to measure things and know their actual size. Moreover, it is a good element to provide you with a complete access to an online ruler actual size especially when you are travelling, out office or home or when you didn’t have a ruler nearby.

2.    Picassohead:

If you like to use online tools websites for fun especially for drawing and creativity, then Picassohead is just the right choice for you. This tool allows you to learn more about art and also promotes your creative side. It is fun drawing tool with unique and amazing features. It let you make portraits and abstract art of your choice while you can also duplicate many paintings of the great artist Picasso as well.

Since you have a number of settings and choices to draw, scale, shape and colour your art pieces you can go as creative as you want. You can also explore the gallery for inspiration, save, email and download your paintings to share it with friends and family. Also, your painting will be saved in Picassohead gallery to be viewed and appreciated by others.

3.    Androdify:

Do you wonder how would you look in an Android world? Well, you can now find out with the cool tool called Androidify. You can use mascots using the Android operating system and turn it into whatever you want it to look by using many features. You can also customize your Bot and create what you like.

4.    Flame Painter:

Do you like to play with flames? Don’t worry I am not talking about real fire or flames, there is an amazing painting tool which you can use for free online that allows you to paint with flames. The graphics are so real that you will feel you are painting with actual fire and flames. You can use any colour to paint in full spectrum and adjust the details as you like including its speed, intensity, focus and more. You can also share your work on YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Twitter or any social media website you like.

5.    Graffiti Playdo:

Do you like making graffiti on walls but couldn’t make it due to social pressure? Well, Graffiti Playdo allows you to draw graffiti as much as you want on a cement wall using shakable sprays and colours of your choice. Draw and colour the paintings of your choice like you do on an actual wall and have fun. The best part is its effects, it is similar like you may have painted on a wall and since they have amazing shakable sprays, it will give you quite a similar feeling like you are painting with a graffiti in real life.