All You Need to know About Cellphone Interceptions

Cellphone interception is merely the polite way of saying cellphone spying, which can be both good and bad, depending on the person using it. Only law enforcement agencies are allowed to use such forms of surveillance in order to catch criminals but if you want to protect yourself and your privacy, you should increase your knowledge regarding the subject. So, here is all you need to know about cellphone interception.

What is Cellphone Interception?

Cellphone interceptions involves tracking messages, phone calls, locations and other information of the cellphone owner using a number of devices and methods. The person can obtain every information regarding the targeted cellphone through interception, such as bank account number, social security number, etc.

How does it Work?

Cellphone interception is a pretty easy process, all you need is an IMSI catcher, which is a device that allows you to intercept communication. In order to activate your SIM card, you need an International Mobile Subscribers Identity number, which you get from your network provider. After obtaining your IMSI number, you authenticate your identity with a base tower however, the base network does nit need to authenticate to you.

Cellphone interception takes advantage of this loophole, an IMSI catcher works as the base tower and provide you satellite signal but in return, can access every information on your cellphone. Calls and text messages are the easiest to intercept because they are directly transferred over satellite from one phone to another.

Methods of Interception

There are a number of ways in which you can intercept communication between cellphones. Previously, there were only a few but with the advance of technology, anyone can do it with utmost convenience.

  • StingRay Devices – they are virtually another form of IMSI catchers but only available for legal use. Only Police departments and law enforcement agencies can obtain them.
  • Bugging – this method is a bit risky and largely used by intelligence officers. Bugging involves physically planting a device within an area or in the cellphone of a target to track its movements.
  • Software and Apps – nowadays, there are communication interception software and apps available in the market for commercial uses. Parents can download them to monitor their child’s internet activities, calls and messages.

How can you Detect it?

For untrained eyes, it would be impossible to detect the signs of cellphone interception but if you increase your understanding and learn the telltale signs, you can easily detect when your cellphone communication is being intercepted. These signs include hearing a beeping and clicking sound during calls, cellphone waking up without touching and rising temperature even when cellphone is not being used.

Can you Prevent it?

Cellphone interception is difficult to prevent completely because phones are connected over a web of satellites but there are some measures you can employ to reduce it, such as turning off your phone when you detect a signal, taking the battery out, disconnecting microphone and speaker, etc. It goes without saying that you should be careful about losing and lending your phone to others for use.