Must-Know Insights for an Effective Mass Notification System

Disaster is no slave to time. It lurks around everywhere and can hit at the most unexpected moment. Employees are the most valuable asset in business, and there is no better way of taking care of them than to have an effective mass notification system. Besides, it is a preventative measure to protect your business premise from suffering irreparable damage.

How do Mass Notification Systems Work?

Essentially, a mass alert system comes in handy when the need to communicate an emergency arises. For instance, a weather emergency. Recent global events have compelled stakeholders to adopt the use of high-tech communication devices to offer alerts on man-made threats like workplace violence, cybercrime, and active shooter.

Furthermore, the accessibility, affordability, and versatility of mass alert platforms have opened doors for the use of other non-emergency communication systems such as corporate communications, IT notification, customer relations among others.

Points to Consider when Selecting a Mass Notification System

The best security outcomes and timely communication at the office, you require a stable MNS platform. Below are three factors to consider when choosing one.

  • Alert Dissemination Model

There are two dominant MNS systems that you can opt to have: On-premise and Cloud-based mass alert systems. Of course, the one you select depends on the budget, the size of the organization, preferences among others.

An On-premise solution brings the system’s alert hardware to the location of your business. It becomes the administrative responsibility of the IT department. The advantage of an “on-prem” solution offers more security and the potential of integrating other critical business systems like the HR database.

On another token, a Cloud-based MNS features on the internet. It a more affordable option because the vendor’s consumers share the cost. This system offers better accessibility while reducing maintenance cost.

  • Speed of Initiating Notification

The ease at which a notification is dispatched is essential. And a business manager, you have to weigh between remote mobile alert or whether you have to log into a computer – in which case an active shooter would fail. That, coupled up with timely information about how and who initiates the alert, correctly defining emergency situations and who has the authority to lock down the premises, will ensure that your MNS works effectively.

Why Your Company Needs a Mass Notification Software

When will the next hurricane strike? No one truly knows. That’s a primary reason why you should consider installing an MNS. Below are other reasons why you need a mass alert solution for your business.

  • Mobility – In the wake of a crisis, it is important to have timely awareness alerts. Doing so through a smartphone app enables you to tweak timely warnings that allow staff to react promptly to emergencies.
  • Worldwide Reach – Depending on your company’s diversity, dialect and language issues may limit the efficiency of the system. What you need is a mass alert software that can access different dialect and language options to reach out to all employees.

The Internet of Things has revolutionized the means through which security can be maintained at the workplace. More and more organization are adopting the new MNS devices, and pretty soon, the occurrence of another 9/11 will be unlikely.