Smart Step-by-Step Recovery from iPhone with iMyfone D-Back

If you like to use an easy app for iPhone data recovery then a very good choice is iMyphone D-Back, which is free and does a really great job. Please be careful not to install other unrelated software while installing this app. Moreover, you can learn more about iPhone data recovery at

Data recovery from iOS devices

Perhaps the most used item will be the restoration of the iOS device itself, or the data we deleted on it and want to return it. So, when you select the second option from the sidebar, the program will immediately redirect you to the recovery page selection page. These include, for example, messages, contacts, some third-party chat applications, photos, videos,

After selecting these features and scanning the device, after some minutes a list of data that can be restored appears. With a simple click, you specify which will resume, and within a few minutes return to where it was before deleting.

The first tab in the left side panel prompts you to five different activities. After selecting one of the five displayed tiles, the program will redirect you to the desired action. You can also move yourself by selecting some option from the sidebar. But this main screen serves to give you a better overview of what you can do with the data, depending on the situation.

Recover from iTunes backup

You do not only have to recover data from your device, but you can also recover data from your iTunes backup. This is useful, because when you open the backup normally in Finder or Windows Explorer, data will not be readable for you. At least not the way you would.

Even here the program is essentially the same. Choose recovery from iTunes backup. Then, you are selecting data you are looking for and selecting the backup you want. After a while of browsing and scanning, the same dialog will appear as in the previous case, and you will only specify what should be downloaded from the backup. In the last step, you specify the folder in which the data is copied.

Recovery from iCloud

Here you will also find a similar principle. Just select the iCloud instead of iTunes backup. The program will ask for your Apple ID credentials. Once you’ve logged in, you just select the backup you want and you do the same as the backup from iTunes.

Sometimes, you can also need to recover data from Apple Mac notebook, learn more about it at