Why is it important to get the Fire Hose Reel checked periodically?

If we take a careful look around us, we will come to realize that the potential for accidents is literally everywhere. This is why a cautious approach needs to be adopted in just about everything. Even the smallest of things such as attaching one device, too many to the extension can lead to short circuiting and then even electrical fire.

Fires often spread rapidly and given the general reactions of immense panic following a fire are fairly hard to contain as well. Even with effective efforts to curtail it, it almost always wreaks some form of damage first. Fire safety is very important. In order to respond to a fire outbreak effectively, all components of the fire-fighting services installed should be in good condition. Jims fire hose reel testing is one way of making sure that the parts such as the hose is in proper working condition.

First things first – what is the use of a fire hose reel?

When talking about a fire hose reel and such associated system, the context is usually of an industrial nature. Industries contain within themselves far bigger threats to fire safety, and thus require sturdier systems to help if the need arises.

 A fire hose reel system is made up of pipes, pumps, water supply as well as hose reels. These are located in a strategic manner within the building so that they are able to promptly supply extinguishing fluid adequately in case of a fire. All industries such as manufacturing, process or food industries should look into installing comprehensive systems and then maintaining them to ensure proper functioning.

A fire hose reel is suitable for use against smaller fires rather than larger ones. It is installed as a first line defense, that is to say, to curtail the fire in its initial stages. Responding quickly to a fire can often help to contain it and diminish it, thereby reducing damage to property and life.

The normal response to such situations is to run away and protect oneself. This is even more so the case in situations where the people are not educated and/or trained on the proper use of a fire hose reel. It is, therefore, important to provide trainings and education regarding the proper use of such equipment.

Testing the Fire Hose Reel

Fire hose reels serve to “support” the function of fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment are extremely essential too. They are connected to a water supply. Upon activation, water travels through the reel at high speed and pressure in order to attempt to bring down the intensity of the fire when aimed at it. The reel must therefore be in a top-notch condition. Any factor that might reduce its effectiveness could potentially endanger many lives and immense financial loss as well.

For instance, what if a small leakage developed? It may seem harmless at the time, but couple with water rushing through it at high speed, this small tear could enlarge and completely handicap the system.

Periodic checks of the fire hose reel, through certified companies such as Jims fire hose reel testing should be considered an obligation, rather than being treated as somewhat of a procedural formality.

Some parts of the system need only be checked annually, while some tests should be preferably performed every six months. It is an easy thing to ignore such tests that might feel like a dead weight since fire incidents are not rampant, thankfully. However, their importance cannot be stressed enough. Just remember, there is no price for a human life!